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You know your phone system is old when…

We recently sent out a mailer to some of our customers whose phone systems’ ages ranged from 5 years old to 30 years old or more, highlighting some of our current technology and our current special (free 5-year warranty for new systems installed by 12/31/08).  For a bit of fun, we put in a section entitled, “You know your phone system is old when….”  It’s repeated here, for your viewing pleasure:

You know your phone system is old when…

10. Your phone model is the “Jurassic-100.”
9.    Your calls get dropped more often than a hot potato.
8.     Your cleaning crew does a ritual dance before dusting off the phones.
7.    You try to make a call and your phone display says, “Ask me if I care.”
6.    It becomes eligible for Social Security benefits.
5.    Someone visiting your office tipped off the Guiness Book people.
4.    Your phone has become a Zen master (it has been there so long it became one with your desk).
3.    When you pick up your phone handset, the lights in the room go dim.
2.    It has less memory than you do.
1.    You have a weekly budget for duct tape.

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