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VIP tutorial available online

VIP (or Visually Integrated Phone) software is something ESI (our phone manufacturer of choice) has been offering on its phone systems for awhile.  It’s essentially Unified Messaging on steroids: in addition to being able to play voicemail messages via your Outlook Inbox, it allows for other neat things, such as controlling your phone from your computer, and programming your own phone.  You can go here to read more about VIP.  You can see an introductory video here.  We will do a future post on it as well.

We have, for awhile, been offering a VIP training video on CD to our customers.  We just recently put the video online here for convenience.  While not professionally produced (and also doesn’t reflect the graphical facelift VIP has undergone), I hope that it will be useful to our customers, and those who may be considering purchasing VIP, who want a more in-depth idea of how it works.

VIP training video

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