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ESI Mobile Messaging: Voicemail On the Go

ESI recently announced another great application available to users of Communications Server phone systems: ESI Mobile Messaging, a voicemail-to-email solution.

ESI Mobile Messaging combines the advanced capabilities of an ESI Communications Server phone system with the convenience of users’ existing e-mail accounts. When one receives a voice mail message at an extension or guest mailbox, the person also receives an e-mailed notification to which a .WAV (standard computer audio file) of the voice mail message is attached. The email’s subject line contains information about the voice mail message – the Caller ID name and number, as well as the call’s date, time, and duration.  ESI Mobile Messaging also allows users to quickly do the following:

  • Listen to a voice mail message on one’s PC or “smartphone” - Play back a voice mail message on one’s PC or “smartphone” by simply double-clicking the attachment.
  • Share voice mail messages - Forward important voice mail messages to interested individuals, even if not on the user’s system.
  • Choose which voice mail messages to handle and how to manage them - A user with numerous voice messages can directly access any message right away.
  • Remotely manage voice mail messages -A user can manage voice mail messages using Web mail from: a home PC or laptop; a personal (or alternate) e-mail account; or a “smartphone.”
  • Store important voice mail messages - Save a voice mail message attachment to a hard drive, CD or DVD, or USB Flash® drive.

ESI Mobile Messaging requires the addition of an Applications Services Card, which can be added to any new or existing ESI Communications Server phone system (except the ESI-50L; but the ESI-50L can be easily upgraded to an ESI-50, which does support the card).  The Applications Services Card is being developed to have multiple capabilities, and applications for this card will be added over time.  We look forward to reporting on these additional applications as they are released.

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