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SIP Trunking

ESI (our manufacturer of choice for business phone systems) announced recently that ESI has achieved interoperability with Broadvox GO! SIP trunking.  SIP trunking, for those who may not know, is a relatively new type of dialtone that is delivered via an IP network by an ITSP, or Internet Telephony Service Provider.  It’s far more efficient than Plain Old Telephone Service, and it appears to be where dialtone technology is headed.  Like ISDN PRI, it offers both DID (Direct Inward Dial) capability so that individual phone users can have their own phone numbers, and Caller ID name and number service is available.  In addition, SIP trunking allows businesses to be geographically diverse by obtaining phone numbers outside their normal calling area, if desired.  Additionally, ITSP service providers tend to charge less for their services than the traditional dialtone providers (sometimes substantially less).

While ESI has not yet formally released SIP trunking capability as a feature on its phone systems, clearly such capability is in the works.  According to the press release, ESI Communications Server phone equipment is what is being used to achieve this interoperability, and we anticipate that ESI will make this capability available to both new and existing users of its Communications Server phone systems.

We think this is great news.  It will not only give ESI Communications Server owners additional flexibility when choosing what dialtone type makes the most sense to them, but we are excited about SIP trunking in general, because it can give businesses more flexibility and allow them to save a substantial amount of money on their phone bills.  We’ll post more as more details are released.

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