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Backlit and full duplex phones now available

Due to popular request, ESI has developed and made available backlit and full-duplex phones for use with its ESI Communications Server systems.  The compact 24-key phone comes with a backlit display, making it easier to read in various lighting conditions.  The larger 48-key phone now has a backlit display and full duplex option.

For anyone who may be unaware of what “full duplex” means, it simply means that when you use the speakerphone, both you and the other party can talk at the same time without anyone’s voice getting choppy or cutting out.  High-end conference phones normally have this feature by default.  ESI’s standard digital desk phones are half duplex like most digital phones from other manufacturers.  Because ESI phones switch quickly back and forth between the two parties in a conversation, most people find that the standard option is fine.  But if you notice a difference, or if you use your speakerphone frequently, the small difference in price is well worth the upgrade to the full duplex option.

The backlit/full duplex option is available both for the 48-key digital phone and the 48-key IP phone models on any Communications Server model (ESI-1000, ESI-600, ESI-200, ESI-100, or ESI-50/50L).  The 24-key model, for now, has the backlight option only.

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