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ESI enters SIP trunking and hosted PBX market via acquisition of Vintalk Retail Division

From the ESI press release:

“After an exhaustive and careful search which began in December, 2011, our purchase decision was based on the strategic fit that we found between Vintalk’s solutions and ESI’s product portfolio,” said George Platt, President and Chief Operating Officer of ESI. “The purchase of this best-of-breed voice over IP (VoIP) network and full suite of IP and unified communications services puts ESI in the position to offer businesses Web-based VoIP calling technologies which are tightly integrated with the phone devices connected to them,” added Platt.

They go on to say later in the release:

The vast knowledge gained over the years and insights provided by the customers who have purchased over 500,000 telephone systems puts ESI in the unique position to combine VoIP hardware, hosted PBX solutions, SIP trunking services, and additional cloud-based services in new and unique ways that provide customers unparalleled flexibility and productivity.

One thing we have noticed about all of the currently-offered hosted PBX solutions that we have looked at is that the feature set, compared to on-premise business phone systems, is in some areas very lacking.  Do we dare to hope that ESI, as a company with over 25 year of building premise-based phone systems, will eventually bring its wealth of features to the hosted PBX arena?  If so, this would make theirs a unique offering indeed.

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