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8 reasons your business needs automatic call recording

More and more, it is becoming important for businesses of all sizes to automatically record phone calls.  Here are 8 reasons why your business needs automatic call recording:

Legal Liability

In a society that is becoming increasingly litigious, businesses are in need of having accurate records of their conversations with outside parties.  These conversations can be invaluable if your business is ever accused of not living up to its end of a contract, promising something that was never actually promised, ...

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Media Management

ESI recently released its Media Management product, which combines several technologies into one interface for easy phone and building monitoring by an administrator.  As of today, it includes the following four components:

  • Recordings of selected phone calls (call logging)
  • Video camera viewing and recording
  • Detailed per-call information (also known as SMDR data)
  • Building access events

We will break these capabilities into separate posts to treat them in more detail.  Suffice it to say here that ESI’s goal seems to be enabling business owners to reduce ...

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