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Caller ID Spoofing

Every once in a long while, a customer will contact us and tell us that their phone system is going haywire.  They say that a particular person or group of people keep getting calls from their company, often in the middle of the night, on a regular basis.  As they are not physically making these calls, they ask us to investigate what’s going on.

What we invariably find in these situations is that something known as Caller ID spoofing is taking ...

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What to look for in a phone system

When looking for a new phone system, one should realize that not all phone systems are created equal.  While, on the surface, it may appear that most phone systems have the same basic level of functionality, this could not be further from the truth.  All phone systems are based on unique technology and designs, and, when you take a close look, you will find vast differences in one manufacturer’s system to the next.  The three broad questions to ask yourself ...

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