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ESI Presence Management Reader Now Available in IP

Awhile back, We posted on ESI’s Presence Management, which features a special device called a Presence Management Reader that has multiple functions.  It can act as a door phone, as security access for building personnel (using RFID-based security cards or fobs), and more.

ESI presence Management Reader

ESI presence Management Reader

We are pleased to announce that ESI has developed an ...

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Presence Management

And now, for something unique.  ESI Presence Management is optional add-on equipment compatible with any ESI Communications Server phone system.  If you have an older ESI IVX system, you may be able to use the technology as well (it requires an E2 revision station card; call us if you need help determining what you need to get going).  It integrates security access and time and attendance management closely with the phone system, and has some great benefits.  (Continue Reading →