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Office phone problems? What to do before calling for service…

The following was adapted from an old magazine article (unknown source; please let me know if you know, anyone).

1. To Start:
• Is the problem system-wide or just one phone?
• If system-wide, check the phone system cabinet’s AC plug or the circuit breaker.

2. Phone Problems:
• Is your handset plugged in? Make sure that the handset cord is plugged into the handset and the base, and also that the connection between the phone base and wall jack is secure ...

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You know your phone system is old when…

We recently sent out a mailer to some of our customers whose phone systems’ ages ranged from 5 years old to 30 years old or more, highlighting some of our current technology and our current special (free 5-year warranty for new systems installed by 12/31/08).  For a bit of fun, we put in a section entitled, “You know your phone system is old when….”  It’s repeated here, for your viewing pleasure:

You know your phone system is old when…

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